Grapple Saws


Hydraulic grapple saws can increase safety and speed up the handling of wood in your operation.

Fitted to almost any excavator, log loader, shovel logger or chipper crane, a grapple saw expands the capability of your machine.


Forest Centre supplies the largest range of grapple saw products in Australia, to suit large and small carriers. Feeding a chipper, cross-cutting and butt-trimming, a grapple saw bucks over-length and forked stems so you don’t have to waste time getting another crew or machine to help.

Man-on-the-ground risks are reduced, especially in dangerous projects such as storm clean-up with downed tree limbs under tension. A grapple saw is the ultimate vibration-free chainsaw with effortless fingertip control, all from the safety and comfort of the operator’s cabin.

Forest Centre offers three main different types of grapple saw solutions for professional use;

Explore some of the options for cross-cutting, falling or trimming below or simply contact us to discuss your needs.


A range of .404″ and 3/4″ saw units transforming a rotating log grapple into a powerful grapple saw combination

GMT035 / 050

Compact and easy to install grapple saw, bringing both cross-cutting and felling capability to almost any machine that can run a rotating log grapple.


Vosch grapples feature a robust fixed mount continuous rotation turntable for precise handling. Coupled with a saw unit Vosch grapples can be transformed into a versatile attachment suited to all areas of tree maintenance – from roadside pruning, cutting forked and over-length stems when feeding chippers and grinders, to whole-tree felling.


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