Hultdins A-Grapple is unique in its design of the jaw tips. The asymmetric grapple arms meet on one side of the grapple and collect wood or slash.

Whatever the pointed tips grip is fed into the grapple, the rest is ejected.

The tips also make it easier to separate the wood and select single logs.

With conventional straight-tipped grapples, it is common that one log or stick can cross over transversely and prevent the closure of the grapple.

This does not happen with an A-Grapple. Logs are either fed into the jaws or ejected.  A nice side effect of this is that in handling slash the grapple straightens out the bundles instead of creating the round bird’s nest-like balls normal grapples often do.

The minimal surface area of the jaw tips also means that the A-grapple catches less dirt and rocks from the ground than conventional grapples do.

A-Grapple provides more precise control when picking different log types and lets you pick a larger bundle of small diameter timber with every turn. For this reason A-Grapples are especially suited to thinning applications.

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