Taimi Hydraulics

Forest Centre is now an Australian dealer for Taimi Hydraulics.

Taimi Hydraulics is a Canadian manufacturer of innovative swivel products. Taimi started in 2005 with these goals in mind: to improve hydraulic reliability, reduce leakage and increase up time of hydraulic machines


Taimi have developed a unique ball-less swivel technology that is Pressure Spike ProtectedTM, reliable, leak resistant and that endures heavy side load, pull force and the high pressure and flow of modern equipment.

Taimi’s SwiwellTM technology is now patented (or pending) in 34 countries, distributed in 20 countries and installed by numerous OEMs. Taimi swivel products are becoming a new standard in hydraulics.

Our promise is to help increase productivity and reduce operating costs, help protect the environment by reducing oil leaks and fluid consumption, and offer hydraulic peace of mind in the challenging environment we live in.

The Swiroll™ is designed to be installed on harvester heads or rotating attachments. This spherical hydraulic joint enables hydraulic hoses to swivel on both sides of the joint allowing full freedom of movement. It increases hydraulic reliability, reduces downtime, hoses and oil consumption and improves hose protection against operational hazards. On average, the Swiroll™ enables hoses to last up to 5x longer.
Featuring Taimi’s Pressure Spike Protection™, the most reliable ball-less swivels on the market are designed to be leak resistant, endure heavy side load, high pull force and the high pressure and flow of modern equipment.
The Swiwell Cartridge™ is designed to be integrated into hydraulic manifolds. It simply screws in, becoming a short and very sturdy swivelling coupling that will live through high pressure and side loads. It offers new hydraulic setup possibilities with unequalled reliability.
Taimi Swivel Manifolds are designed to fit harvester heads, forwarder cranes, feed wheel motors, truck log loaders, mining roof bolters, diamond drills and many more. Designed to prevent hoses from twisting and kinking, they will reduce periodic maintenance, wear, re-tightening and replacement of hydraulic hoses.
Taimi Strap-Wrap is mainly used to group, route and protect hoses against stretching and tearing. Strap-Wrap works well on longer hose groups, taking the load off of the press fittings like, for instance, on wind turbine’ service trucks, pile drivers and vibratory hammers. It can be solidly attached at both ends and will not shift during operation.
A full year of operation with the Taimi swivels now. We are very satisfied with the product. They are without a doubt the most reliable swivels we have ever used. We like them so much that we are buying a few more for our other machines.
Brian Luck

Maintenance Coordinator, Softwood Logging Services (Western Australia)

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