Representatives from contractors, equipment manufacturers and forest owners inspect one of the ANC Forestry rigs

A load restraint working group formed by representatives from Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) and local haulage contractors from the Gippsland region has been investigating ways to improve both load security and operator safety in log haulage.

The innovative new systems being trialled incorporate ExTe Luftman air operated auto-tensioners and a chain lashing instead of webbing straps. The auto-tensioner is linked to the chain via a short strap and hook, in this case also with a mechanical advantage roller buckle allowing for even greater tension force.

Comments from all involved have been very positive, so keep an eye out for more chain equipped rigs in 2015!


ANC Forestry displays one of their ExTe and chain-equipped trailers during the Load Restraint Workshop hosted by HVP in August


Instead of throwing chains by hand the driver of this truck simply links two chains together and suspends the joined section between spring loaded outriggers, before moving to a safe area. The loader machine operator then grabs the chain length with the grapple and lifts both lashings over to the opposite side of the trailer.