During the first weeks of 2016 we kicked off with a retro-fit project for a customer who already had ExTe Luftman air operated load binders equipped on one of his Freighter curtain-sider semi trailers.

Director of Phoenix Trucking, Ian Irvin, was due to be back on the road only a few days after the Christmas and New Year break, eager to see one of his older B-double trailer combinations upgraded from manual cargo winches.

Increased safety, ease of use and speed of lashing down loads were the main factors that attracted Ian to the ExTe tensioners, after finding out about them through a friend in the log haulage industry.

After running a pressure-protected arterial air line down the length of each trailer, eleven new TU auto-tensioners were mounted with slide brackets into the existing under-floor slide channel (or winch track) and connected to the air system. No major modifications were required. Four auto-tensioners to be fitted in low clearance areas above the prime mover and lead trailer wheels required low profile fixed mounting brackets to be fitted at a later date.

Phoenix Trucking transports a range of products including packs of cardboard, bricks, timber and board on the east coast of Australia. Strap tension force can be adjusted for fragile loads by reducing the system pressure with an in-line air regulator.

Big Rigs ExTe

UPDATE:  Phoenix Trucking and TU auto-tensioners in Big Rigs Transport Newspaper

A brief editorial on Ian Irvin’s experiences with the new TU auto-tensioner published in the April 22nd issue of Big Rigs – click the image on the left to to view or download.

The fixed low profile mounts for low clearance areas (over the prime mover and lead trailer wheels) have also since been installed.

ExTe TU air operated load binder auto-tensioner









ExTe TU air operated load binder auto-tensioner