Is Forestry Equipment Sales on the Rise? Insight from Experienced Forestry Suppliers In NSW, VIC, WA

If you hadn’t heard already, the forestry and forestry equipment sales business has been on the upswing since approximately 2013. Sales have been rising, and in the last year, many companies reported sales higher than ever before. This, of course, raises questions about the industry. What happened to get us here? What challenges will the forestry equipment market face? What is the outlook for years to come? Forest Centre, a premier provider of forestry equipment in NSW, has some insights into the current state of play, and what we can look out for in the future.

Challenges Ahead, But Forestry Equipment Market Will Continue to Grow

Make no mistake; some barriers stand in the way of forestry, and by extension, the sale of forestry equipment. Chief among these is a negative public perception that is especially widespread among younger individuals. Some are ardently opposed to any forestry, and actively oppose it on every front believing that it is harmful to the ecosystem (meanwhile failing to realise is that through forestry comes carefully regulated management, which aids the environment by investing time and resources back into it). Others still think that forestry is an untrendy, profession, which damages the influx of new workers into the industry. There is hope to be seen on this front, however. Outreach efforts to attract new blood to the market are underway, and most young folks become a good deal more receptive to the idea of forestry when they realise what a lucrative (and beneficial) enterprise it is. Efforts to train new workers are also on the cutting edge, with new techniques that include enhanced computer simulations coming into play.

There are, of course, other trends that will potentially affect the industry. It remains to be seen how matters like the fall of other commodity prices, El Nino-induced droughts, slowing economies in countries like China and Brazil, “Zero-Deforestation” agreements, and the Paris Climate accord will play out in the grander scheme of things. What does seem clear, however, is that the forestry and forestry equipment market have had some banner years, and the trend can be further capitalised on in 2016 and beyond.

How Forest Centre Fits In

We’re proud to play our part in the continued expansion development of responsible forestry and forest management, by providing the highest quality forestry equipment in WA and beyond. We provide equipment, parts, and service for many popular brands, including Hultdins (grapples and saw products), Baltrotors (rotators and crane-tip links), Exte (air operated automatic load binders), and Rotobec (grapples, rotators, and saws). For 30 years we have been committed to supplying the Australian forest industry, and in the years to come, we expect to continue growing with the expanding market, while building on our solid reputation as dealers of the best parts and forestry equipment in Vic, NSW, and WA. Call us on 61 2 6947 2833, or email us at for more information about how we can help you obtain the premium forestry equipment you require.


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