Forestry Grapple Safety Tips and More From The Forestry Experts in NSW, Vic, and WA

You’ve heard the stories before. Logger struck by tree limb, chainsaw operator struck by log, tree feller hit by tree during logging operation. The forestry industry is no stranger to serious injuries. The heavy equipment and dangerous terrain can make it high-risk field of work at times. Many job site accidents are unpredictable, but there are ways to stay safe out there, however, whether using a forestry grapple, grapple saw, or any other piece of machinery that you may encounter. Forest Centre, quality providers of top notch forestry equipment, (including the forestry grapple) across WA and beyond, have some handy tips to remember that could be of use out in the field.

General Safety Basics

Communication Is Key. Many accidents occur due to miscommunication. It may be caused by an inability to hear one another (too much background noise, or poor radio reception), hastiness or distraction on the part of a team member, or ordinary incompetence. Make sure that every member of your team is alert and knowledgeable about their role in the group, that your communication equipment is in working order, and that the communication procedures you do have in place include some signals in case of emergency. Even if you can’t hear one another, an immediately perceptible gesture that signals danger or crisis can be a life-saver.

Safe Zones. The workers on the ground are at higher risk of mishaps. Establishing safe areas, where individuals are in the clear can help your team steer clear of potential hazards. Not only from falling rocks, logs and debris but high-powered equipment as well. Keeping areas where cutting takes place separated from other areas is a good way to cut down on equipment related casualties. The job site should also be inspected daily for any changes that could alter which areas are safe, and which aren’t.

Respect Gravity. The potential of falling objects is one of the most unpredictable dangers during a forestry operation. You should always try to identify, and steer clear of areas where gravity could be a killer, like objects on steep slopes, precariously suspended logs, sharp cliff faces, or heavy/sharp equipment perched overhead.

Have The Right Gear. Using well maintained, high-quality equipment can make a world of difference. Poorly kept gear, like an old grapple or poorly maintained carrier, for example, can malfunction, break down, and fail in a way that puts your team at risk. To mitigate this risk, you should thoroughly maintain your gear, and when buying new equipment, purchase the best possible equipment from reputable dealers.

When Looking for A High Quality Forestry Grapple, Or Other Equipment

Forest Centre understands how important quality gear is to forestry operations. We provide a range of items: the rotator, swing links and log grapples, in NSW and other regions of Australia. From humble beginnings as a retail supplier of parts and attachments for the local forest industry, we have branched out and now supply the best products from the European forestry market to Australian clientele. Our selection features a range of high-end brands like Hultdins and Gierkink and Rotobec, who are fast becoming well respected names when it comes to forestry grapples in Vic and other regions. Call us on 02 6947 2833, or email us at to learn more.


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