Unloading different types of trees out of the load takes a surprising amount of time. Different types of logs are usually mixed in the load space. This can slow down the unloading process.

Moisio Forest Oy has developed affordable and easily mounted solution for sorting trees. The bolt-on Moipu sorting clamp prevents the mixing of different tree types and makes the process of unloading faster and easier.

The Moipu sorting clamp is attached to the existing bunk. Mounting is easy and fast. If needed, the sorting clamp can be re-installed on another forwarder. Installation of two sorting clamps takes approximately 15 minutes.

  • Makes the forwarder more efficient
  • Easy and fast installation in almost all forwarders
  • Affordable solution without expensive changes to the loading space
  • When the sorting clamp isn’t needed, it can be lowered to the side of the bunk. This way it doesn’t take any room from the loading space
  • Position of the sorting clamp (up/down) can be quickly changed with crane using grapple or tree

MoipuSorter3 MoipuSorter1 MoipuSorter2

Forest Centre now stocks Moipu sorting clamps to suit John Deere 1910 Forwarders, with types to suit other makes/models available by request. For pricing or more information please contact our team.
icon_PDF2  Download the PDF brochure here