Take Some Strain Off Your Drivers with an Air Operated Load Binder in NSW, VIC, and WA

If you work in any industry that requires the transportation of goods, notably larger or heavier goods, you probably employ several drivers and transport vehicles. This quickly becomes a major financial strain on your business. Unfortunately, there are limited ways to lower costs or make the transportation of your goods much easier. At Forest Centre, we have one particular product that can ease some of the physical and financial strain typically associated with mass transport. We offer a unique load binder in NSW, VIC, and WA that is air operated. This reduces both the manual labour required to load up the goods properly to be transported and the overall weight of the cargo, which in turn will likely lower the overall cost of the transport. Although it may be hard to believe that something as small as adjusting the straps, so to speak, can make such a difference, but it can.

The Advantages of an Air Operated Load Binder in VIC, NSW, and WA

When you are transporting goods, particularly those unlikely to rest stably on the back of your transport vehicle, such as lumber, it is necessary to secure everything firmly. Once the driver is on the road, they must continually check and make sure periodically that the tension throughout the load is still stable throughout their journey. Traditional load binders require manually tightening each strap during the initial loading as well as manual adjustments throughout the duration of the transport. With the ExTe Luftman air operated load binder in WA, NSW, and WA, use the truck’s existing air system to automate what is traditionally an unpleasant manual component of mass transport. During both the initial tightening and the mid-journey adjustments, the air-operated system minimises the labour required.

Decreasing the workload for your drivers will lead to happier employees or contractors, which are both good for business. More than mere employee morale, though, the air-operated load binder system is substantially lighter in weight than their traditional counterparts. With the ability to secure a haul with simple straps, less heavy materials are required to support the transport. A lighter load leads to significantly reduced fuel costs, which are a significant component of transportation expenses.

Where to Get an ExTe Air Operated Load Binder in NSW, VIC, or WA

At Forest Centre in Tumut, NSW, we are the exclusive Australian distributor of ExTe products, as we have been for more than two decades. Fortunately, although our home base is in NSW, our products and service are available Australia-wide. We offer delivered equipment nationwide, meaning you can get our ground-breaking air-operated load binders from ExTe anywhere the country. To ensure the best possible customer experience, we not only offer the delivery of our products nationwide but support and assistance as well. As confident as we are in our products, most equipment requires maintenance or support at some time. When these situations arise, you can rest assured that with us you will never be left in the lurch when you have to address a technical issue.


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