The Importance of Proper Load Restraint Equipment in NSW, VIC, and WA

Many industries throughout Australia depend upon high quality load restraint equipment. Forest Centre, located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains region in NSW, understands how important load restraints are to those in the timber hauling industry. Harvesting logs and transporting them to the next step in the supply chain is crucial to industries like residential construction, furniture, and others. For over three decades, Forest Centre has remained committed to providing the best in equipment, parts, and service to the forest and timber industries in Australia. We also remain committed to safety and efficiency. That is why we provide only the best in load restraint equipment.

Proper Load Restraint Equipment for NSW Carriers Is Required

There is legislation that requires the appropriate load restraint equipment when transporting items such as sawn logs. Those engaged in the industry must have the proper training and must understand how loads are to be correctly restrained. The last thing that anyone wants to happen is a load to become unsecured while in transit. Laws ensure that loads are restrained to prevent any unacceptable movement during all anticipated conditions of operation and loads must be placed so that vehicles are never unsafe or unstable.

Exclusive Dealer of ExTe Equipment

Forest Centre makes it easy to comply with all load restraint laws throughout Australia by supplying ExTe load restraint equipment in VIC and the rest of the nation. ExTe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of such equipment and makes the transportation of timber and other goods much easier and safer for Australian companies. Forest Centre has been Australia’s exclusive distributor for ExTe products since 1992.

ExTe load restraints are unique because they are air-operated and automatically post-tension whilst you drive. The system operates by using a truck’s existing air system, which makes load restraint much easier and safer for the operator. It also ensures compliance with any legislation ensuring that there is never any unacceptable movement during transport. The beauty of the ExTe system is that it continues working while in transit. Air pressure does all of the work tightening straps during loading and adjusting tension throughout the trip. No regular stops have to be made to check and re-tension straps during transportation.

The latest ExTe product is the Com 90, an easy-to-use loading and restraint system designed to load timber quickly and secure it safely. The results of the Com 90 allow for more transports on a daily basis, which means more profits in the end – drivers press a few buttons, secure their loads, and drive. Users of ExTe products understand the benefits of efficiency and safety and continue to count on Forest Centre to deliver.

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With a broad range of products for not only the timber industry but also construction, landscaping, and others, Forest Centre is your source for load restraint equipment in WA by ExTe, Hultdins, Baltrotors, Rotobec, Taimi Hydraulics, and Gierkink equipment. To learn more about how we can be of service to you, please call us on 02 6947 2833 or send us an email to


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