Save Time with Quality Load Restraint in NSW, VIC, and WA from Forest Centre

The timber industry is the heart of the economy for many communities in WA, VIC, and NSW. It also influences several other industries in those communities and across Australia. In the deadline-driven world of construction, obtaining harvested timber to primary and secondary processing facilities on time is of the utmost importance. The supply chain cannot break down because of difficulties with transportation. That is why quality load restraint is necessary for those engaged in timber haulage. Forest Centre has been supplying high quality harvesting and transport equipment for timber haulage since 1983 and continues to deliver outstanding products and services to the industry.

Load Restraint for NSW Haulers Increases Efficiency

The latest in load restraint technology from ExTe can help save time and improve efficiency in timber hauling. Old load restraints require periodic tensioning requiring trucks to make frequent stops. Timber hauliers have to stop and adjust their restraints since timber will shift and settle while in transit. Restraints must be tightened during loading and often again throughout the course of travel which takes a lot of time. Imagine saving all of that time and arriving at your destination sooner, with less effort. That is what is possible when you use air-operated automatic load binders from ExTe.

ExTe is the world leader when it comes to producing quality load restraint for timber hauliers. Their air-operated cargo lashing systems are easy to use and can save time with their automatic tensioning feature. The load restraint continues to operate while driving so that there are no stops necessary. Forest Centre is the exclusive Australian dealer for ExTe products and has been since 1992. We have also just recently developed mounting for load binders that can be used in many other transport applications beyond forestry including flat deck semi trailers and rigid trucks. Currently our customers are using ExTe air operated auto-tensioners to secure building products such as timber trusses and frames, sawn timber packs, timber board and bricks through to power poles and steel.

Why Choose Forest Centre

Operations across Australia have been coming to us for over three decades for their harvesting and transportation equipment needs. We supply a full range of premium quality products to the Australian forest industry as well as various others including construction, demolition, and landscaping. We are agents and exclusive dealers for several of the best-known manufacturers in the industry. In addition to ExTe’s load restraint for WA users, we offer everything from log trucks to excavators as well as parts and accessories. Including ExTe, we are agents for Rotobec, Baltrotors, Hultdins, Taimi, and Gierkink. Because of our vast range of products and parts, we have become Australia’s one-stop shop for all of your timber and forestry product needs.

Forest Centre is committed to providing the very best in the industry and we look forward to maintaining our reputation as a leader in supplying quality service, equipment, and spare parts throughout Australia. To learn more about what Forest Centre offers, call us on 02 6947 2833 or send us an email at You can also enquire by filling out the online contact form found on our website.


Since our formation in 1983, Forest Centre has been committed to providing the highest quality in equipment, parts and service to the Australian forest industry. Located at the foot of the Snowy Mountains region in Tumut, New South Wales, we are able to deliver and support our products Australia-wide.   LEARN MORE >

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