New video projects highlighting some of the possibilities for mounting ExTe TU air operated auto-tensioners to highway trucks.

First we take a look at some of the different axle types that can be fitted to the TU auto-tensioner, and then the basic steps of operation. For this example we see two different types of mounting to a curtain-sider semi trailer; using standard under floor winch track and then, for fixed positions or low clearance areas, using a low profile solid mount.

The experiences of an owner/operator who has used both the Luftman load binders and most recently retro-fitted TU auto-tensioners to one of his other trailer combinations are also highlighted in a video clip shot around our home town in Tumut, New South Wales.

The TU auto-tensioner is more flexible than previous models when it comes to mounting, orientation for left or right-handed use, and adapting to different lashing types such as webbing straps or chain. Hauliers are especially happy with the redesigned ratchet release function, allowing the operator to disengage the ratchet function by simply pushing a small lever on the side of the tensioner.

To find out more about the TU auto-tensioners, or to discuss your particular haulage or vehicle requirements in detail, please call our team 0269472833.