Does any of this sound familiar?

Solvent mixing? Dyes that separate and clog your harvester paint marking system and nozzles?


Cobiolube Finland are world leaders in harvester marking dye technology, with their unique formula being totally eco-friendly and biodegradable, whilst also having the added benefit of cleaning the colour marking system.

The Cobiolube harvester dyes are now available in Australia from Forest Centre, pre-mixed and ready to go in an easy to handle 10L drum size.

Red, Green and Blue colours are readily available, with custom colour blends coming soon. For more information please contact us via email or phone 02 6947 2833.


Cobiolube Colour benefits

  • Bright and intense colour
  • Works with all harvesters and in all working conditions
  • The dye does not penetrate into the wood and does not dilute with water after application
  • Eco-friendly biodegradable formula, safe for personnel and the environment (no need for mixing with diesel or solvents!)
  • Possibility for 20% lower consumption compared to traditional marking paints or dyes
  • Designed to clean and maintain the entire colour marking system, as well as restore gasket elasticity and reduce pump wear
  • Does not dry in the colour marking spray system, even after long periods without use