Baltrotors CPR5 rotator

$3,750.00 Excl. GST

Compact radial piston type rotator, rotates and positions the cargo in a precise and controlled manner.

Suitable for swing link mounting on up to 10 ton excavators, or rigid mounting on up to 6 ton excavators

Version with hose outlet connections to the side.


CPR - series - patented axial boxer-type piston rotators.

Suitable for poly-grapples, sorting grabs, high capacity grapples and other attachments.
CPR rotators are ideal for working conditions where flat-body rotator models and high torque is required.

Smooth and controlled rotation and precise stopping with nil backlash.

Adaptor plate also available to match common bunching log grapple bolt pattern 6 x 173mm PCD with M16 bolts.

Max axial load static is the theoretical maximum load (without accelerations) for link mounted applications.

MAX. AXIAL LOAD STATIC ±100 kN (22481 lbf)
MAX. AXIAL LOAD DYNAMIC ±50 kN (11240 lbf)
MAX RADIAL LOAD 36 kN (8093 lbf)
DEFLECTION 10 kNm (7376 lb ft)
TORQUE 1350 Nm (996 lb ft)
WEIGHT 46 kg

Additional information

Weight 46 kg


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