Held every four years, the Transport and Heavy Equipment Expo (or T.H.E Expo as it is commonly known) is New Zealand’s only all-encompassing transport and heavy equipment showcase, offering visitors and exhibitors alike the opportunity to engage with industry representatives and view the latest technologies in the sector.

In March 2017 Forest Centre was proud to exhibit the ExTe product line at T.H.E Expo, held at the Mystery Creek Events Centre in the Waikato region. Whilst log bolsters formed part of the display, air operated load restraint was showcased at the Forest Centre site in a range of different configurations never before seen in New Zealand – capturing the curiosity of many visitors and resulting in many interesting conversations.

The new TU auto-tensioner is a leap forward in load restraint technology, and works from the truck’s existing air system. The tensioner uses air pressure to do the hard work of tensioning restraints and also automatically re-tensions as you drive. The TU auto-tensioner combinations on display at T.H.E Expo included;

  • Chassis mounting for log trailers
  • Fixed and sliding under-floor mounting for flat deck trucks & trailers
  • Lashing with high grade, low weight 6mm chain
  • Lashing with synthetic fibre straps, which can reduce the manual handling risks of throwing heavy chains whilst retaining the desirable ‘zero stretch’ characteristics of chain
  • An air operated release/disengage kit, used for special projects or applications with low clearance or limited operator access, allowing both the tensioning on/off and ratchet engage/disengage functions to be controlled remotely at the turn of a tap

Also piquing the interest of flat deck hauliers was a range of options for lightweight removable aluminium stake and socket combinations – allowing the haulage of general goods or equipment and swapping over to cartage of logs, pipes or poles. An innovative quick-lock combination requires only a special ‘step-on’ tool to release the stakes from their sockets, making the task even easier for the operator.

See a small gallery of images from ExTe and Forest Centre at T.H.E Expo 2017 below, and links to more info on the products showcased during the event.


Forest Centre is the exclusive Australian agent for ExTe products, which include cargo support components and air operated automatic load restraint used for the safe and profitable carriage of goods in both the timber and general transport industries.

Having recently been appointed to the territory of New Zealand, Forest Centre looks forward to supplying solutions for truck and trailer builds across multi-purpose flat deck and logging specific configurations. A longstanding existing ExTe dealer will continue their work representing both road and rail products in NZ.