New – Grapple saw with Total Tree Control


GMT Equipment is proud to present the next level grapple saw: GMT Total Tree Control


The new model grapple saw combines the advantage of grasping the tree without tension, with the ability to keep or hold a tree section in position when removing it.

Not only is the tilt cylinder of the grapple saw blocked, but so is the movement of the swing link – in all directions. That means: the grapple can self-centre when grasping the tree, and ‘lock out’ for fixed removal at the push of a button! This ’tilt-blocking’ method is unique and the system is patented.

The grapple’s function allows trees to be removed safely in sections, using a range of different base carriers from truck-mounted cranes, telehandlers, excavators or forest forwarders.

The Total Tree Control system will be available in two variants: a 16″ / 40cm (GMT035 TTC) and a 20″ / 50cm (GMT050 TTC) felling diameter.

Watch the video

Total Tree Control in action, mounted on a slewing telehandler

How does it work?

Watch the animated video below to see how the Total Tree Control grapple saw works.


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