Arborist tree removal with grapple saw

Not just for forestry.

Swamped with dangerous tree removal, right-of-way clearing or storm clean up jobs?

Need to reduce your man-on-the-ground risk exposure?

Seeking ways to streamline your tree care or vegetation management operations?


Forest Centre can provide tree handling attachment solutions to suit a wide range of working tasks and machine types.



Truck crane

Mobile crawler crane

Felling grapple saws

Armies of arborists and tree care specialists have worked almost around the clock for the past two years in regions of Australia devastated by bushfires and storms.
Generally, there are also the usual tasks like removal of diseased and problematic trees or maintenance along roadways and property boundaries to ensure public safety and clear passage for vehicles.
It is no surprise that in order to gain a competitive edge, contractors are increasingly turning to mechanised assistance.

“With this equipment, we can make the work environment safer, reduce the number of employees on the job site and we can get the job done faster than we could before”

The mechanised tree handling approach, with attachments like grapple saws, complements other working methods, allowing arborist businesses to make better use of their skilled climbers or groundsmen.
If not 100% necessary to put an employee in a tree for removal (or nearby to feed a chipper), they can be tasked elsewhere – perhaps freed up to join crews on other jobs that may have greater access challenges or other highly specialist requirements.


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What sets us apart

Our range of GMT Equipment felling grapple saws provide a compact attachment solution, suited to a range of different base carrier machines. There is more to these than meets the eye, however.


The only grapple saw with both fixed and flexible attachment.

All other attachments are either a dangle type or fixed wrist type attachment to the machine boom.
The GMT grapple saw is unique in that it combines aspects from both mounting types.

First, the GMT grapple allows the speed and flexibility of free-swinging attachment motion like most other grapples. This allows you to position the grapple in front of, behind or to the side of a trunk section. The grapple can also self-centre around the tree section before grasping firmly, making for tension-free cutting.
Further, the free-swinging of the yoke or link attachment can be blocked at the touch of a button with hydraulic braking force, together with the tilt down cylinder on the grapple. This allows for more precise control when approaching the cut or withdrawing the cut piece from the working area – especially important when working around other healthy trees, infrastructure or public spaces. Click here to learn more about Total Tree Control.


Purpose-built and fit-for-purpose.

The GMT felling grapples are fully designed and purpose-built for tree works, not pieced-together from different attachment manufacturer’s catalogs.
The complete attachment is European CE-certified for tree works and comes with all the safe operation info you may need in the one manual – for training your operators and presenting your offer of professional tree services to the next big client.
Unlike dedicated harvesters or conventional bolt-on grapple saws typically used in isolated forest environments, GMT Equipment are one of the only attachments on the market declared to have zero chain shot risk. This means you can use your GMT saw without strict requirement for ballistic protection screens on your mobile plant, or wide exclusion zones for personnel on the ground.
How would most standard grapple saw’s 70 metre exclusion zone radius affect your operations?

Need to go simpler, or bigger?

Not every job involving trees is the same, and not every business or operator has the same working approach.
We can provide attachment options for different ends of the spectrum.


If you need a tough excavator grapple to push, shove and clear, as well as cut.

Have a larger excavator with extra auxiliary hydraulics and 150 litres per minute flow capacity?
Our Vosch rotating grapple saws combine a proven, heavy duty demolition grapple style chassis with rake/finger type jaws and a robust 3/4″ pitch saw unit to make a multi-purpose tool for all tree tasks.
Offered as a complete package in four different models to suit excavators from 14 ton class upwards, our Australian-spec Vosch grapple saws are working around the country felling, tree dismantling, sorting, loading and cross-cutting.
Like the GMT saw units, Vosch saws are rigorously tested and also cleared for chain-shot safety.
Find out more about Vosch here.

If a hydraulic saw is not the best fit.

TMK Tree Shear are also part of our product stable, offering three different sized attachments to suit excavators from 2 thru to 30 ton and even skid steer loaders. A shear can be a simple, cost-effective solution for clearing trees, dismantling or even pruning. Fewer moving parts and no issues with cutting close to the ground risking contact with dirt or rocks.
Accessories are available to ‘grow with your work’ and add features such as tilt function, multi-stem collector or reach extension. These can be part of your original order, or to upgrade a standard shear with a retro-fit kit.
Find out more about TMK Tree Shears here.


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